Anti-Sway System

Anti Sway System is a system that is necessary for automation of unmanned crane. It is a device that transmits signal to PLC by measuring phase angle and angular speed which is angle difference between vertical line generated when moving crane.

At this time, the PLC calculates the optimal speed at which the product can be put down without moving to the moving place and controls the speed of the motor through the inverter.

Configuration of Product

  1. Sirrah Sensor POSCO – Model: TS19-D, 1set
  2. Sirrah Sensor POSCO – Model: LS-08, 1set
  3. Case & Connection Box for POSCO – Model: PS-050, 1set
  4. Bracket for PS-050 – Model: BK-050, 1set
  5. Connection Kit for power – Model: SCB-6, 1set
  6. Connection Kit for RS422 – Model: SCB-13, 1set
  7. BMA-1233 cone of +/- 25Â ° 110V / 220V AC (POSCO)
  8. BMU-12 cone of +/- 25Â ° VDC24 (POSCO)
  9. Simulation Kit – Model: SM-19, 1set